Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cindy's Story: Why I love teaching kids

Cindy talks about the mentor who believed in her and her love of working with kids.
The Laura Vicuña Pre-Kindergarten was started in 1987. It’s the pre-k part of Saints Peter and Paul School in North Beach. It’s a state-licensed nonprofit program with about twenty-five students, named for Blessed Laura Vicuña of Chile. I started going there in 1987 when I was 4 years old in their first pre-k, and Barbara Simons was my teacher.
Barbara taught me how to write my own name, make different projects and play with different kids. Now, as an adult coming back to my old pre-k school, I am teaching the kids how to make different projects, count, good manners, and playing with other children. I help them put together the projects they do, then they take them home and get to show their families.
I’ve been working in pre-k for 12 years and I learn a lot from my coworkers. I love working with the school because I am very patient and it’s not just a job, it’s a passion to work with the kids.
I started as a volunteer. Then my old teacher Barbara Simons saw that I was really good with the kids and she gave me a chance as a teacher’s assistant. With her encouragement I am taking a child development class to get my teaching certificate to be a full time teacher’s assistant.
I love teaching kids to have a good education and good manners so when they graduate and move on to kindergarten they will know how to write their names, make projects, have fun with other kids and learn.

--Cindy, pre-k teacher assistant, college student, Arc client
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