Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Connie's Job Savvy Fashion Tips

Hi, I'm Connie and here are tips for dressing right on the job which is really important if you want to keep it:

Don't over-accessorize Don't include too much "bling" in your outfit. Not only will your boss be turned off, you might lose your job. If you're trying to get a job, you might not get hired.

Don't wear loud jewelry No tacky jewelry except for a watch if you're working or interviewing.

Dress for your interview It's better to over-dress than under-dress here. Don't wear a t-shirt or shorts!

Know the dress code Find out about your dress code so that you know what to wear to work. If there's a strict dress code, then you should follow it--like wearing a suit. Of course, there may be casual Fridays when you can wear anything within limits. Casual clothes are ok for these days like nice t-shirts and jeans, but not a swimsuit, wetsuit, beach cover-up, etc. Wear anything like that and you'll probably lose your job!

I'd like to hear your tips for dressing on the job, so write to me at BlogTalk. (I like stories about fashion disasters, too--have you seen any lately?)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hurt by Budget Cuts?

Have the California budget cuts hurt you, a person you care for or a family member with disabilities?
Many people have lost their Medi-Cal benefits covering their dental, podiatry, mental health or chiropractic needs. Others who are under a Level 4 on the Scale of Need by Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) no longer have In Home Support Services (IHSS) to do their shopping, meal preparation and cleaning. Transportation services have been cut, respite hours have been drastically reduced, and our clients over 50 must now be offered a new Senior Service at a 1-to-8 staff-to-client ratio at $35 per day, versus the prior 1-to-3 staff ratio at $72 per day.
$334 million has been cut from our DDS budget, which means many of you have lost services. Please let us know so we can advocate to the Governor and Legislators about how your lives have been impacted. Your voice matters.
From Tim Hornbecker

Timothy Hornbecker is Chief Executive Officer, The Arc of San Francisco