Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

More Alike Than Different
That's the title of a book by Lee Bussard, still available on Amazon.com.
Lee was an ardent advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. But he was also a motivational speaker and comedian with cerebral palsy who spoke at conventions and to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
His goal was to take the "D" out of D-isabled. Labels like "disabled" or "handicapped" emphasize what people with disabilities (note the people first language; not 'disabled people') cannot do, instead of what they can do.
Lee would say that all of us are more alike than different, with the same hopes, dreams and desires for self-determination, dignity and quality of life.
In March, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we invite you to join The Arc in celebrating our similarities rather than our differences.
The Vision of The Arc of San Francisco
A community where disability is a distinction without a difference.
Tim Hornbecker, CEO